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  • Parker has been an integral part of oil and gas exploration and production for more than five decades. This experience has made us valued partners and technology experts, leading the way with the engineered solutions today’s energy companies are looking for.

    From deep-water mooring systems, advanced filtration and particle detection systems, and custom umbilical to dynamic metal seals, stainless steel piston accumulators, subsea cylinders, and literally hundreds of other certified, advanced technology components. Parker can help you explore further and produce more at peak efficiency.

    Some of our innovative solutions include:

    • Blowout Preventer Locking System Drive – This custom built drive for oil drilling systems on deep ocean rigs provides zero leakage of water glycol fluid and a double-end shaft for emergency usage.


    • Low Emission Valves & Manifolds – With emissions up to 1,000 times lower than competing solutions, Parker’s technology keeps process media inside the system, where it belongs. 


    • iCount Particle Detector – The most advanced technology in solid particle contamination monitoring and analysis for critical hydraulic and lubrication systems on mobile rigs and oil platforms that prolong fluid life and reduces machine downtime. 


    • Village Marine Reverse Osmosis Watermakers – Operating a drill site includes the effective delivery of clean water for uses such as drinking, cooking and cleaning. Parker offers an alternative to traditional flash boiler systems in its reverse osmosis filtration system that can produce over 750,000 litres of fresh water per day. The system also is smaller than competing solutions and can save thousands in fuel consumption.




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