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Nitrogen Gas Generation For Laser Cutting Applications

Parker domnick hunter NITROSource is the most effective and economical source of nitrogen for assist gas and purge gas in laser cutting. It provides access to all the gas required, on demand. The running costs are low and reliability and productivity is unrivalled, thanks to innovative Energy Saving Technology, and low-maintenance engineering.

Payback can be expected within 6 to 24 months* – and after that, tangible savings and a positive contribution towards profitability. Compare that with traditional supply, where customers are hostage to gas companies’ ongoing charges, and liable for ‘hidden extra costs’ such as cylinder rental, delivery and administration charges.

*24 month payback period is dependent on usage and other factors

Typical NITROSource Installation For Laser Cutting

Assist Gas

In CO2 laser cutting, ntrogen gas is used as an ‘assist gas’ to prevent oxidisation or discolouration and to blow away the molten material from the cut edge.

Any oxidation of the cut surface must be avoided, therefore an inert gas such as nitrogen is the ideal choice. Where cut parts will be painted or powder coated; oxides on cut edges decrease the coatings bond and could lead to corrosion.

Laser Cutting Head

Purge Gas
Nitrogen is also used in certain types of laser cutting machine as a ‘purge gas’ to ensure the laser beam guide path from the resonator (where the beam is generated), to the cutting head, is free of contamination. Beam guidance systems are purged with nitrogen at approximately 3nm³/h to ensure there is no CO2 or water vapour in the beam guide that could cause laser splitting. Purging also reduces impurities that could absorb or reduce the laser power and alter its the shape of the beam.

Laser Cutting Machine

Benefits Of Using Nitrogen
• Increased productivity through higher cutting speed
• Clean cut edges that require less material handling
• No overheating from exothermic reactions
• Improved corrosion resistance
• Reduced discoloration
• Oxide-free cuts
• Dross-free finish

Laser Cutting

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