Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA

Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA - Spirits


Parker works with many distilleries to provide expertise and products for compressed air & CO2 treatment, nitrogen generation & chilling. We play a key role in delivering consistently high quality air & gases.  As compressed air can be up-to 10% of a distilleries energy use, having a low total cost of ownership is important, so we have designed highly energy efficient products to keep those costs low.

Parker's aim is to help distilleries produce quality air & gases used in eg. wort sparging or raw materials transfer.

Our chillers provide the precise temperature control needed to ensure fermentation proceeds efficiently.

Wort Sparging

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    Process Compressed Air

    Complete purification solutions, providing clean, dry, oil free (class 0) air for all compressed air bottling applications.
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    Process Nitrogen

    Efficient, reliable nitrogen supply for effective displacement of oxygen during mixing and bottling processes and in the drinks headspace.
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    Temperature Control During Spirit Making

    Accurate temperature control is a vital factor in successful spirit making. Throughout the process, variations outside required heat ranges will impact on overall quality, taste, colour and aromatics.
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