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Temperature Control During Winemaking

Specific processes will vary according to wine makers’ preferences and the character of each wine, producers cannot afford to compromise on temperature control accuracy for each process. Parker Hiross Hyperchill Plus chillers offer high energy efficiency, versatility and extreme reliability, making them an ideal choice for cost effective temperature control in progressive winemaking.

Must/Cold Maceration

The wine ‘must’ requires immediate chilling, with the maceration process requiring consistent, cool temperatures (typically 3 - 15°C) for ideal quality.


Hyperchill Plus chillers have no reversible heat pump and no heating. This makes them more suitable for areas where ambient temperatures at the start of fermentation are already high enough to start the process.

Red Wine

Hyperchill Plus refrigeration systems work with the fermenting tanks to closely control the heat generated by alcoholic fermentation (usually within the 20 - 25°C range). During malolactic fermentation, input of heat is needed – again, extreme accuracy is required.

White Wine

In order to maximize fruity aromas in white wine, it is essential that the fermentation temperature is maintained between 15 and 20°C.

Cold Stabilisation

Accurate chilling is required for elimination of tartrate crystals through the cold stabilizing process. The temperature of the wine is dropped to close to freezing at -2 / -3°C.


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