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Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA - Process Compressed Air

Process Compressed Air

From process automation to packaging, compressed air is a vital utility in spirit making. Parker are world leaders in the technology that helps keep compressed air contaminant-free and efficient - and production flowing smoothly.

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for applications throughout the compressor room, including filtration, adsorption and refrigerated drying. Parker compressed air treatment enables producers to maximise output and quality, while reducing total cost of production.

Contaminant Removal

Maximum purity with minimum operational cost - Parker engineers the ideal filtration and drying solutions for compressed air contamination removal within the bottling industry.

As world-leaders, we are able to offer total system design, HACCP guidance and a comprehensive product range, including filters and water separators, heatless adsorption dryers, refrigeration dryers, and low energy dryers. It means that customers can benefit from a ‘best practice’ system design, together with proven technology, to overcome the quality and contamination risk-points within the process – atmospheric air, compressor oil and storage and piping.
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Compressed Air Filters

A comprehensive range of filtration, providing high quality, reliable, cost-effective contaminant removal.
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Regenerative Adsorption Dryers

Dessicant adsorption dryers, offering energy efficient performance control and monitoring.
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Refrigerant Dryers

Outstanding energy efficiency and low running costs, together with market-leading performance and reliability.
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