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Nitrogen Uses In Wine Production

Parker domnick hunter NITROSource is the most effective and economical source of nitrogen for wine production. It provides access to all the gas you need, on demand. The running costs are low and reliability and productivity is unrivalled, thanks to innovative Energy Saving Technology, and low-maintenance engineering.

So you can expect payback within 6 to 24 months* – and after that, tangible savings and a positive contribution towards your profitability. Compare that with traditional supply, where customers are hostage to gas companies’ ongoing charges, and liable for ‘hidden extra costs’ such as cylinder rental, delivery and administration charges.

*24 month payback period is dependent on usage and other factors

Typical Nitrogen Gas Generator Installation

Fermentation And Pigeage

Whereas manual wine pigeage is reliant on skilled operation for good results, the addition of nitrogen gas to fermenting vats ensures a less time-consuming process and a more consistent outcome.


Wine Sparging

NITROSource nitrogen gas generators provide the consistent flow rates required for effective removal of dissolved oxygen, accurate adjustment of carbon dioxide, and the prevention of oxidisation after bottling.


Tank Blanketing

The introduction of nitrogen to the headspace of processing and storage tanks is a highly effective way of preventing oxidation and protecting against spoilage by yeast and bacteria.


Wine Pressure Transfer

High pressure nitrogen is applied to the headspace of storage tanks to enable more effective transfer, and provide an oxygen-free environment during transportation.



Purging with high-purity nitrogen reduces oxygen levels and harmful microbiological activity within equipment and pipelines.


Wine Mixing

Nitrogen provides a highly effective alternative to mechanical stirring, which requires thorough and regular sterilisation.


Wine Bottle Flushing

Bottle flushing with nitrogen purges oxygen prior to filling, and reduces water usage, making it a much more effective treatment than sterilisation alone.


Bottle Filling

Oxygen pick-up from entrained air is a significant problem during the wine bottling process. Purging with nitrogen eliminates the risk of oxidative degradation in the wine. A NITROSource nitrogen gas generator is effective in both bottling plants and as a reliable source of nitrogen for wine bottling trucks.


On-Site Gas Mixing

CO2 purifiers can be integrated with NITROSource, ensuring a consistent supply of good quality carbon dioxide – essential to prevent the wine from becoming flat, and to add the all-important bouquet.


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