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Compressed Air Quality Standards

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) is the world’s largest developer of internationally recognised standards.


As a non-governmental organisation the ISO network has members from across 159 countries, with the General Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland. The organisation bridges relations between the public and private sectors.


Currently there are three standards directly related to compressed air quality and testing.


ISO12500 Series

This standard is used to benchmark and verify the performance of compressed air filters.



Similar to ISO12500, this standard is used to validate the performance of compressed air dryers.


ISO8573 Series

Consisting of nine parts, ISO8573 specifies the quality of compressed air and the test methods to identify contamination.

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    ISO8573-1:2010 Compliant System Design

    From general purpose ring main to critical point of use air, the extensive range of purification equipment available from Parker means that a system can be designed to meet any need.
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    ISO8573 - Compressed Air Quality Standards

    ISO8573 is the group of international standards relating to the quality (or purity) of compressed air. The standard consists of nine separate parts, with part 1 specifying the quality requirements of compressed air and parts 2-9 specifying the methods of testing for a range of contaminants
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    Understanding ISO8573-1:2010 Class 0

    A number of compressor manufacturers claim that the air from their oil-free compressors deliver air in accordance with Class 0 for total oil and that little to no purification is required downstream. This is not the case.
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Compressed Air
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