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CO2 Protection

Strict quality standards mean that the CO2 used in the drinks carbonation process must always be beverage-grade. However, it’s very easy for harmful CO2 contamination to take place at various stages – for example, in transit, through plasticisers in the hose, and in ‘mini bulk’.

Parker provides the benchmark solution for use in bottling plants; in fact, the Parker PCO2 incident protector is designed to offer far greater protection than traditional “carbon only” adsorption towers, and is up to 10 times more rigorous than the ISBT guideline levels.

Parker PCO2 Carbon Dioxide Quality Incident Protection Systems 

Advanced, multi-layer protection against the harmful effects of contaminated CO2 in the drinks carbonation process.

The Parker PCO2 offers a three-layer adsorbent cartridge, together with advanced filtration designed to remove CO2 contamination at 10 times the levels required by ISBT guidelines.

Already installed in many of the worlds bottling plants, the PCO2 is tried and tested as the CO2 protection of choice for high quality producers. With only moderate capital investment, simple installation, low pressure drop and simple regular maintenance, it is a practical solution for every size of operation. And with a modular design, it offers the flexibility to expand in order to cope with larger production runs or increased factory throughput.


Multiple Stages of Quality Incident Protection

A modular multiple stage quality incident protection system has been developed to offer the highest levels of production plant protection

Stage 1 – 0.01 micron particle filtration removes NVOR and other contaminants down to 0.01 ppm.

Stage 2 – Removal of water vapour and partial removal of hydrocarbons.

Stage 3 – Primary removal of aromatic hydrocarbons and acetaldehyde.

Stage 4 – Removal of sulphur compounds.

Stage 5 – 0.01 micron particle filtration to prevent adsorbent particulate carryover into CO2 stream.

Stage 6 – Optional point of use sterile gas membrane required when CO2 source or application of CO2 is at higher risk from a microbiological perspective

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