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Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA - Air Contamination

Air Contamination

Clean, dry, technically oil free compressed air is essential for efficient and high quality PET blow molding and processing. Parker provides a complete range of filtration, drying and gas generation equipment designed to combat vapour, oxidation and other contaminants, at every stage of the PET production journey.

Designed and engineered to deliver outstanding performance and system control, together with maximum energy efficiency and lowest total cost, our solutions include: high pressure refrigerant dryers; compressed air filters and water separators; desiccant adsorption dryers; oil vapour filters; on-site nitrogen generation for inert gas blanketing, sparging and transportation; treatment at point of use; and distribution systems.

High Pressure Filters

Providing an ideal balance of industry-leading air quality, energy efficiency and lowest lifetime cost.
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High Pressure Dryers

Outstanding energy efficiency and low running costs, together with market-leading performance and reliability.
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