Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA

Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA - Ultra High Purity Zero Air

Ultra High Purity Zero Air

Parker UHP-ZA produces ultra-high purity zero grade air (<0.05 ppm THC) from an existing compressed air source. Ensuring a lower and more stable baseline signal, compared to traditional supplies, it allows for higher sensitivity or larger peak areas, for enhanced accuracy of analysis, and reduces the cleaning requirement of the detector.


Easy to install, silent and cost efficient


With no complicated procedures or labour-intensive monitoring involved, it will allow you to avoid the inconvenience, cost and safety risk of cylinder gas supplies, and the dependence on an external supplier. In less than a year, the UHP-ZA will have paid for itself.


With a qualitative SMART-Display for at-a-glance operational status, it’s also silent, requires minimal operator attention and offers the capacity to service up to 66 FIDs at one time, to enhance the efficiency of your lab.

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