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Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA - Ultra High Purity Hydrogen Gas Generator

Ultra High Purity Hydrogen Gas Generator

Utilising our innovative, tried-and-tested PEM cell technology, the Parker domnick hunter H-MD generates exceptionally pure hydrogen from deionized water and electricity. This is available on demand and at low pressure with minimal stored gas, for safety.


It eliminates the requirement for potentially dangerous hydrogen cylinders in the workspace, as well as the expense and inconvenience of changing and storing cylinders, whilst supporting optimum instrument performance in gas chromatography.


Cost efficient, convenient and safe


Benefits include safe operation, reliability and high performance coupled with cost efficiencies. The H-MD is also low maintenance, easy to install and simple to operate, with a choice of four models operating at different flow rates:


  •          160 ml/min
  •          250 ml/min
  •          500 ml/min
  •          1100 ml/min

Featuring innovative intelligent control software and safety alarms, you can also choose a model with Remote Networking software, to enable you to actively control 27 hydrogen generators from one central PC for added cascading control, safety and reliability.

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