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Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA - H Range Hydrogen Gas Generator

H Range Hydrogen Gas Generator

Using proven PEM cell technology, Parker H high purity hydrogen gas generators produce a continuous supply of 99.9995% pure hydrogen at up to 6.9 bar. This is delivered on demand, from deionised water and electricity, at low pressure and with minimal stored volume.


Eliminating dangerous hydrogen cylinders from the work place, our generators are simple to install and operate, compact and require minimal maintenance.


Safe, reliable and high performing


H generators offer the optimum combination of safe operation, reliability and performance, across three models operating at a variety of flow rates:


  •          160 ml/min
  •          250 ml/min
  •          500 ml/min


Available with optional automatic water fill, you can also opt for innovative Remote Networking software, which allows you to actively control 27 hydrogen generators from one central PC to facilitate true cascading capability, unrivalled safety and reliability.

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