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Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA - Ambient Atmospheric Air

Ambient Atmospheric Air

Air compressors draw in vast volumes of air from the surrounding atmosphere. This ambient air continuously fills the system with airborne contaminants, such as atmospheric dirt particles, bacteria and virus micro-organisms, oil vapour and water vapour.

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    Atmospheric Dirt

    In an industrial environment, 80% of dirt particles are small enough to pass through intake filters into the compressor, causing inefficiency in the process and potential damage to equipment.
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    Bacteria and viruses entering a compressor can thrive in the moist, warm atmosphere, resulting in significant damage to a sterile or clean production system.
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    Oil Vapour

    Unburned hydrocarbons and vaporised oil in the air can be drawn into the compressor intake, causing contamination issues when cooled and condensed
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    Water Vapour

    During compression, water vapour enters the compressed air system without proper protection, reducing production efficiency and increasing maintenance costs.
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Meeting the challenge of compressed air contamination.

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