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Crankcase Ventilation Filtration

Environmental concerns and legislation to control crankcase emissions have increased significantly. To further reduce the total emissions of engines, in some applications it is becoming necessary to close the crankcase breather system, routing these gases back into the air intake system.


Crankcase blow-by is produced when combustion gases under high pressure are blown passed the piston rings into the crankcase. As these blow-by gases pass though the crankcase, they become contaminated. Racor’s Crankcase Ventilation System removes these contaminants and the exhaust can then be vented to the atmosphere without harm.


For applications requiring more stringent emissions requirements, a closed crankcase filter is recommended. In this application, the exhaust from the crankcase filter is routed to the inlet side of the turbo. A regulator in the crankcase filter controls the vacuum in the crankcase to ensure proper operation.


In closed environments like generator sets and marine engine rooms, damage from oil mist created by the blow-by gasses to surrounding equipment, such as radiators, electronic control panels, and other engine components, can cause hazardous conditions, down time, and expensive maintenance. It is imperative that oil mist be removed from the crankcase emissions prior to introduction into the engine air intake in closed breather systems.


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