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At Parker, we specialise in integrated components, modules and systems that are tailored to the particular technical challenges faced by medical technologies manufacturers. Parker’s products and systems are developed to match the requirements for lower development costs, faster route to market and reduction of technical risk. 


Our technical expertise and support throughout your development process is among the reasons why medical device manufacturers turn to Parker to improve their surgery, patient monitoring, respiratory and cardiovascular devices and applications. 


Parker’s medical technologies products include: 


High performance materials in the form of silicone, polyurethane, thermoplastic and polymer tubing, customer moulded components and EMI shielding for remote monitoring devices 


Fluidic and gas control technologies with micro and miniature pumps, solenoid and proportional valves as well as gas flow and hose assemblies


  • 9mm Miniature Diaphragm Isolation Valve - A 44% reduction in width with unrivaled flows and pressures up to 100 psi (6.9 bar) in a smaller space. Designed to offer low carryover performance with particulate and crystallization resistant. This valve is ideally suited for today's demanding liquid handling applications. The R9 supports the performance requirements of current and future laboratory and portable instrumentation.


    Mass Flow Controller - With a response time of two seconds or less, this controller provides accurate measurement and delivery of gases to optimize a wide variety of analytical and manufacturing processes. 


    X-Valve® - Parker enables extremely reliable operation in oxygen delivery systems with miniature valve technology, reducing weight by up to 20% and increasing the mobility of patients. 


    PACE High Flow Proportional Valve - This technology allows maximum flexibility of ventilator systems with a valve that is four times smaller and uses 50% less power than traditional, cumbersome solutions. 


    Smart Syringe Pump - At one third the size and weight of standard syringe pumps, you can reduce size and improve performance of Clinical Diagnostic and Analytical chemistry systems requiring precision fluid delivery. This long life pump is designed to a minimum of 5 million cycles improving the reliability of laboratory instrumentation and reducing downtime. Its lightweight and compact design enables instrument designs that are smaller, reducing instrument costs and footprint.



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