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At Parker, we specialise in engineering components and systems tailored to the particular technical challenges faced by Mobile OEMs. Parker’s products and systems are developed to match the requirements for ease of maintenance and lower cost of ownership as well as designed to be smaller and lighter – but with better performance and higher energy efficiency. 


Our technical expertise, reliable delivery and the widest range of products on the market are among the reasons why we supply system solutions to so many mobile OEMs including agricultural, bus, and material handling machinery. 


Parker’s mobile and transport products include: 


Hydraulics and hydraulic control components – including pumps, motors, valves, electronic control components, cylinders, actuators and coolers 


Pneumatic components 


Hydraulic hoses and couplings, measuring equipment, sensors and fittings 


Hydraulic fluid and fuel filtration and filtration of compressed air and gas


  • Runwise Advanced Series Hydraulic Hybrid Drive System – Reduces fuel consumption 30-50% and lowers a single truck’s CO2 emissions by 38 tonnes per year. 


    Ethanol-resistant Fuel Injector Materials – Parker’s advanced material science enables the use of ethanol based fuels in automobiles, reducing conventional emissions by up to 70%; leaving less of a footprint on a drive through the country. 


    Control Valve for Diesel Emissions - Parker’s flow control valves help improve air quality by reducing NO2 emissions from tractors and trucks by up to 50%. 


    Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Inverter - By switching to a vehicle’s battery power when running accessories, Parker is eliminating the need for diesel engines to idle, reducing per vehicle fuel consumption by up to 1,200 gallons annually and averting 10.8 metric tons of CO2 emissions. 


    Smart Pump - Small, compact and light weight; controllable smart fuel pumps communicate with the engine to provide the right fuel pressure and flow, so newer engines can meet interim and Tier 4 emission requirements. 


    Compact Spiral Hose - This flexible hose technology allows for smaller and lighter train braking systems, using up to 40% less material while doubling the product’s life. This equates to a 90% reduction in carbon footprint over the life of the hose. 


    Compressed Natural Gas Seal-Lok Fittings - Compressed natural gas storage and conveyance systems on vehicles reduces emissions and fuel consumption by up to 40%. Seal-Lok accommodates the high pressures and low temperatures in which these systems operate.



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    Agricultural Machinery

    Quality engineered components and systems to the agricultural machine industry with manufacturing facilities and global aftermarket support.
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    Construction Machinery

    Parker Hannifin partners with mobile construction machinery OEMs to provide dedicated components and sub-systems for cab, chassis, engine and implements applications.
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