Fluid Control Division - Europe

Fluid Control Division - Europe - Cooling & Climate Control

Cooling & Climate Control

Machine, equipment and systems manufacturing activities for use in establishments which provide services for public, business, government as well as private individuals.

Car washing equipment, laundry equipment, plumbing, spraying systems, humidifiers, controls for water level and steam.

• A wide selection of solenoid valves and solutions adapted to management of the most common fluids.
• Unrivalled product availability thanks to a worldwide network of distributors.
• Exclusive diaphragm design to achieve high fl ow capacity (only on 7321B/7322B water valves).


Products solutions
• 2-way and 3-way direct-, pilot operated or magnalift solenoid valves for applications with air, water, hot water, steam and light oils.
• Solenoid valves rated for water up to pressures of 100 bar - 1500 psi - and tested over millions of cycles.
• Various materials (brass, stainless steel, NBR, FKM, PTFE, EPDM) intended for a wide range of applications.