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Advanced Fluid Power Engineering

Today's motion and control challenges demand technically advanced, energy efficient solutions. The quest for ever higher productivity has resulted in components and systems which are smaller, lighter, more durable and more accurate than ever before. Parker's sophisticated hydraulic actuation systems are delivering precision motion and control in applications as diverse as lock gate control, food production and solar energy.

Cylinder Division - Europe - Solutions

Lightweight Hydraulics - Delivering Higher Productivity

In a steel mill or similar application, a hydraulic cylinder has to be rugged, low cost and low maintenance.  Weight is unimportant. In an aerial lifting application, though, every kilogram saved means greater payload, lower fuel consumption and higher productivity. Between these two ends of the spectrum, there is a trade-off between weight and cost which differs for each application. In addition to higher productivity, reduced weight can mean easier, safer handling; quicker, lower-cost maintenance or lighter, simpler mounting structures.

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Lightweight Composite Hydraulics Solutions

With many years of experience in the development of composite materials, Parker has engineered lightweight hydraulic cylinders, actuators and accumulators with fully composite barrels which offer dramatic weight savings combined with exceptional burst and fatigue strengths.

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Lightweight Composite Hydraulics Technology

Parker Hydraulics' advanced composite products and technology are the result of an enduring commitment to R&D. Our unique material formulation and proven filament winding process enhance impact resistance and prevent delamination.

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Compact Fluid Power - When Space is Critical

Low weight, small footprint, high power - the Compact EHA hydraulic linear actuator has been developed by Parker to offer all of the features required by both OEMs and end users. Rugged and robust in construction, Compact EHA is available with a wide range of options, making it easy to match compact hydraulic technology to the exact needs of your application.

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Compact Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Solutions

Compact EHA is a unique and innovative linear actuator solution when you need high power density yet have restricted space, or where conventional pneumatic or electromechanical devices are incapable of delivering the levels of performance, functionality or reliability that you require.

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Compact Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Technology

The design and construction of Compact EHA enables it to produce exceptionally high levels of force. Suitable for use in any orientation, it is an innovative, free-standing actuator solution which can be driven from a 12 volt or 24 volt DC electrical supply.

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Fluid Power Engineering Solutions

Our L&S business unit, based near Bremen, Germany, designs, builds and integrates bespoke hydraulic actuation systems for applications ranging from polar exploration buildings to adaptive aeronautical structures and rail loading systems. Parker L&S is recognized as a leader in waterways hydraulics and engineering, pioneering the use of submersible hydraulic power units in lock gate applications.

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Custom Hydraulics Systems and Capabilities

Parker's unrivalled expertise in hydraulics will add value to your project – whether it is automation for a film set with a lifespan of weeks, or a civil engineering project built to last a hundred years.

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Fluid Power System Design

Behind every hydraulic system are designers and engineers. Here at Parker, our experienced system and applications engineers will work with you to advance your projects – from concept right through to installation and commissioning.


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Hydraulic Cylinders - Repair or Replace?

Parker Hydraulics' cylinders are renowned for delivering high performance under tough conditions, over a long working life. Like all moving parts, however, they benefit from regular maintenance and may eventually need to be replaced.

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