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Performance, Ease-of-Use and Reliability for the Most Demanding Actuator Applications with Parker-Origa System Plus

Richland, MI, June 1, 2009 – The Pneumatics Division of Parker Hannifin announces the addition of three new product lines featuring the Parker-Origa System Plus (OSP) family of linear actuators. The OSP product line includes the completely modular and space saving OSP-P rodless pneumatic cylinders and the high speed precision OSP-E electric linear drives. Complimenting the OSP-P, Parker-Origa is also offering a range of linear rails and cassettes.


The OSP-P rodless pneumatic cylinders manage high loads and moments, equal force in both directions, service intervals up to 8000 kilometers and include an internal guide system. These cylinders have an aluminum extruded profile with double dovetail mounting rails on three sides enabling direct attachment for all modular options. This allows customers to build flexible, easy-to-install solutions such as extremely long cylinders with stroke lengths up to 40 meters.


“This OSP-P fits a wide range of loads, speeds and motion profiles," explains Cathy Laskero, Product Manager for Parker-Origa. "Features such as its low profile carriage design, adjustable end cushions, and versatility make it perfect for any application. Customers can choose from clean room applications, stainless steel versions, special high and low temperature models, high and slow speed – the OSP-P is a multi-talented cylinder."


A full range of linear rails and cassettes options accompany the OSP-P. "The OSP-P is truly the most convenient and adaptable cylinder on the market with its range of accessories and design options. Choices such as roller bearing guides and passive and active brakes along with accessories such as T-Slot and Adaptor profiles, multiplex connections, inversion mounting and magnetic switches make this rodless cylinder ideal for point-to-point operations and a variety of standard and custom installations."


The OSP-E electric linear drives offer either a toothed belt or a screw drive for heavy duty linear and multi-axis applications. The OSP-E with toothed belt features an integrated recirculating ball bearing guide ideal for lifting movements in multi-axis systems. It is offered in 25, 32, and 50 millimeter (mm) sizes with speeds of 5 meters/second (m/s) and stroke lengths ranging from 5000mm to 7000mm. The toothed belt version provides high acceleration and speed, a magnetic switch set for contactless position sensing, and the option of clamp or plain drive shaft. The OSP-E with either the ball screw or trapezoidal screw drive option offers the best solution depending on the application's need for accurate positioning, high action forces and superior running performance. Customers can select 25, 32 and 50 mm sizes, speeds ranging from 1.25 m/s for the ball screw and 0.125 m/s for the trapezoidal screw with stroke lengths up to 500mm.


"The OSP-E electric belt drive is ideal for high speed applications, accurate path and position control and longer strokes, while the electric screw drive version offers the same accuracy and positioning with high force capability," says Laskero. "Whether the application requires a pneumatic or electric actuator, if a customer wants high performance, ease of use, and reliability, the Parker-Origa System Plus provides the best solution and support on the market for linear drive systems."


The OSP-P rodless cylinders and linear guides are available now from Parker-Origa. The OSP-E electric linear drives will be available later this year. For more information on the Origa System Plus, please visit




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