When Parker Innovations Find New Purpose

The Compax3 Servo drive is far from a new product. Developed by the Electromechanical and Drives Division Europe, Parker's global servo drive platform is widely used in industrial manufacturing to control motorized processes in automated assembly, including robotics and the machining of parts. Parker’s customers are well-acquainted with the benefits of the drives used in packaging, the production of sheet goods and the operation of printing presses, as well as automated testing equipment for both automotive and consumer goods.


Recently however, the Compax3 has found new purpose in healthcare and life sciences markets where precise and safe movement is paramount. The drive’s flexibility, accuracy and comprehensive list of safety features has led to its adoption in positioning tables, exercise equipment and therapy devices.


A Chinese medical equipment manufacturer has designed an effective, efficient rehabilitation device with intelligent feedback that relies on Parker parts for safe, stable and reliable motion control.


For some people with physical disabilities, appropriate exercise training with rehabilitation equipment can prevent muscle atrophy and improve muscular strength and dexterity in upper and lower limbs. Different patients require varying levels of intensity and training modes.


In this application the Compax3 is responsive and powerful, enabling users to quickly switch between active and passive training, make dynamic adjustments in real time and achieve gentle movements of muscles and joints as needed. Coupled with smooth-running Parker servo motors and gear reducers, the device operates safely, reliably and smoothly with low noise, providing users with a comfortable and stable rehabilitation experience.


A proven product. A smart application. A new purpose. For a motion control company that defines its unique contribution to the world as Enabling Engineering Breakthroughs that Lead to a Better Tomorrow, it’s easy to see how Parker technology has the potential to change lives. As do we—the team members who work in service of that purpose, in service of others— using our knowledge and expertise to help our industry-leading customers solve complex challenges in pursuit of a brighter future.



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