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HVAC Filtration Division

This is Manufacturing Solutions

We at Parker HVAC know a little something about properly filtering the air in a manufacturing facility. We have the tools, experience, and products to provide employees and equipment with the comfortable, clean air they demand.

Company Overview

Parker's HVAC Filtration Division is a leading manufacturer of HVAC filtration products for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Offering the broadest line of filtration products in the industry, Parker’s HVAC products can be found improving the quality of air around the world. While HVAC is the majority of our business, we also service niche markets such as agriculture, where we filter swine barns from deadly viruses, power generation, where we supply filters for gas turbines, and paint spray booths, where our products ensure consistent airflow in industrial painting processes. Parker's HVAC products are sold through a variety of channels under the brand names Airguard®, ATI and Purolator™.


Airguard offers a full line of high quality air filtration products for the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Founded in 1964, Airguard offers products in every category of air filters from pleated filters to high efficiency bag filters and HEPA filters. Airguard also has a full line of gas turbine filters for the power generation industry.


Air Technologies, Inc. (ATI) has the most diverse product offering for paint overspray collection. Founded in 1987, ATI offers state-of-the-art paint booth filters, paint overspray filtration, and NESHAP approved filters and filtration systems for industrial applications like aerospace, automotive, and furniture. In 1998 ATI worked jointly with the aerospace industry to ensure compliance with the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) established by the EPA. ATI holds the distinction of being the first manufacturer to offer NESHAP approved filtration systems.


Purolator offers air filtration products for the residential, commercial and industrial, and wholesale markets. From disposable panel filters to high efficiency bag filters, Purolator’s robust offering gives customers many filter options to meet their system requirements.


Parker HVAC is the leading manufacturer of filtration products for swine facilities. Parker Air’s Pur™ Ag Air Filtration System is the only complete filtration system to protect livestock by reducing the indirect spread of PRRS and other pathogens through airborne transmission as demonstrated by the University of Minnesota Swine Disease Eradication Center (SDEC). In fact, our products were first applied to swine facilities in North America in 2009 and were among the SDEC’s extensive research involving the effectiveness of filtration in the prevention of aerosol transmission of PRRS.