Information Technology

As a traditional manufacturer operating in a strikingly modern marketplace, the seamless flow of electronic data and information is as important as Parker’s ability to distribute physical systems and components.

Parker offers a range of diverse opportunities in the rapidly-evolving field of information technology, and we support our employees’ efforts to maintain and expand their knowledge of the most current systems and technologies available.

A diverse and expanding group of skilled information technology professionals contribute significantly to Parker’s business objectives, and play a critical role in our long-term success.

We are looking for professionals not only with strong technical skills, but a desire to work in a fast-paced environment where their individual talents will be applied to a larger, team-based effort.

Parker employs information technology management professionals in all disciplines:

  • Division IT managers
  • eBusiness user experience managers
  • Project leaders
  • Search marketing managers
  • Technical analysts
  • Technical support

Parker offers recent information technology graduates a range of training opportunities and entry-level positions, enabling them to define their role within the company and establish a plan for future success.


Parker IT Recruitment