The Parker Difference

Parker employees are empowered by the assurance that if they perform well and work hard, Parker will provide them with a good salary and benefits, opportunities for development and continued education, and potential for career advancement. 

With locations on six continents and in 48 countries, Parker is a truly global company. But we have a small company feel. Just ask our employees; it’s a source of pride for them, and for us. We have maintained our culture by expertly balancing our goals for growth and profitability with our commitment to establish a comfortable and open work environment. We have succeeded in maintaining a thriving and fulfilled workforce by establishing a culture that reflects the shared values of all of our employees. 

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness of our employees and their families is a leading priority for Parker. In addition to our premium options for traditional medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans, Parker is unique in offering its employees coverage, where applicable, for alternative medicines and treatments. Our focus on wellness, prevention and holistic treatments is aligned with our goal to continuously improve employee health and vitality.

Continued Education

Parker strongly believes in investing in the continued educational development of our employees. We empower our workforce to expand their knowledge in their field, and to explore new areas of development. In many cases, we even pay for them to do so. Innovation drives Parker’s ability to solve our customers’ challenges, so we want all of our employees to be best equipped to generate creative ideas and solve new challenges. 

Career Advancement

We are a big company that feels small, but the same cannot be said for advancement opportunities within the company. The scale, scope and growth of our operations and the diversity of our technologies and markets create tremendous growth options. Parker employees benefit from exceptional advancement opportunities, either locally at the facility in which they work, or globally at one of our locations around the world.

Ongoing Development

Parker provides employees many opportunities to acquire new knowledge and expand their skill set.  Through a robust talent development process employees have opportunities to participate in leadership development experiences, classes and programs, including a Global Development Program (GDP).  Participants gain experience working in another country for a one year period, gaining exposure to other cultures, technologies, business processes and more.   The GDP experience broadens employees’ perspectives and gives them a better understanding of Parker as a global company.

What’s the Parker Difference? We trust our employees to make decisions, and we recognize their efforts that contribute to our success. We also listen to our employees and understand that a brilliant idea can originate from anywhere. Simply put, we are a big company that feels small and operates with the flexibility to aggressively pursue new ideas.


"The Global Development Program gave me exposure to another side of the business, and more so, exposure to another operating division. It provides an opportunity to expand your knowledge and abilities while increasing the confidence in your decisions and your management potential."

-Harley Graef, Australia GDP 2006-2007