Diversity and Inclusion

Together. It’s a word we use quite a bit at Parker, because it exemplifies our culture and environment. We work together to produce results, and to leverage the diversity of our workforce in support of our goals. 

We recognize that to win we have to do some things differently, and see ourselves in the context of the greater company and the changing world we live in.  Seeking to develop and sustain a diverse and inclusive workforce is a corporate commitment undertaken in order to best serve all of our customers, by attracting, developing and retaining the best and brightest talent worldwide.

Diversity at Parker means embracing the differences that exist in all stakeholders; including our employees, customers, suppliers and the communities we serve. It means more than gender, race, age, sexual orientation, ethnic or national differences, religion and beliefs.  

It also includes the diversity of our experiences, thinking styles and cultures.  It is by embracing our differences, and appreciating them, that we can create an inclusive and respectful workplace in which each person is empowered, has the ability to grow and develop, and is recognized for their contributions.  Our ability and commitment to harness the strengths of all of our employees makes Parker a great place to work.

At Parker, we believe it is critical to our success to have every employee engaged, fully developed and empowered. We accomplish this by creating and sustaining an inclusive work environment which attracts, supports and develops a diverse team of outstanding and dedicated employees.